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Triple-S implementations November 2015

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Company Product I/E Triple-S version
2x4 Ltd 2x4 SmartTranslate 1.2 I+E XML 2.0
3BI Consulting, SA 3BI Monitoring V1.0 I+E XML 2.0
ADN DAISIE version 2.0 I+E XML 2.0
AREYOUNET.COM AYN eSurvey Server I+E XML 2.0
ASKIA AskiaTools I+E XML 1.1,Classic 1.1
B3TSI SurveyDesigner V1 I Classic 1.1
Braun Research Inc Alysson v3.0 E XML 2.0
C-Metriks Data Processing I+E XML 2.0
Centurion Marketing Systems Ltd MARSC 3.1 I+E XML 1.1
CfMC Survent version 7.6+, Mentor I+E XML 1.1
Circle Systems Inc Stat/Transfer Version 10 I+E XML 2.0
Clever form DoSurvey E XML 1.1, Classic 1.1
Cobalt Sky Ltd QTSSS Quantum to Triple-S E XML 1.1
Compexin SA   I+E XML 1.1
Confirmit Confirmit 12.0 I+E XML 2.0, XML 1.2, XML 1.1
Conversoft Conversoft E XML 1.2, Classic 1.0
CSA Survey I+E XML 2.0
Cunningham Research Group I XML 1.1
Dasani Consulting Services   I+E XML 2.0
Data Liberation Beyond Question E XML 1.1
Decipher Inc Hermes v2 I+E XML 1.2
Destiny Software Productions Clipstream   XML 2.0  Questionnaire Wizard E XML 1.1
dv-Commerce dvc-CAPITO I+E XML 1.1
Embrace Mobile M-Survey Platform - Surveys by Mobile Phone I+E XML 1.2
Exavo GmbH Exavo SurveyStudio E XML 2.0
Forall Systems ForSurveys E XML 2.0
GFK PanelServices Benelux ReFlex - Research Flexibel 2.0 I XML 1.1
Globalpark GmbH Online Panel Site Tool (OPST) 3.3 E XML 1.1
Global Bay Mobile Technologies  AccessPoint Version 4 E XML 1.2
Global Market Insite

Net-MR 2.0

I+E XML 1.1


IBM SPSS Data Collection

I+E XML 1.2
ICNET s.r.o DATAPROMPT Online Analysis Tool I+E XML 1.2
Ingress GmbH keyingress / 5.0 E XML 2.0
InsightsNow Inc ARO I+E XML 1.2
Intellection Software Intellection I XML 2.0
Interview Technology IT 4.1 E XML 1.1
Ipsos Observer qcsss v1.0 E XML 2.0
jvp Datentechnik GmbH j-Quest 1.203 E XML 1.2
Kinesis Survey Technologies LLC Kinesis Survey 5.0 E XML 2.0, XML 1.2
Language Logic Ascribe V5.x I+E XML 1.2
Market Audit VM Online 1.11 E XML 2.0
Market-Info-Service CADAS Platform I+E XML 1.1
MarketSight LLC MarketSight 7.2 I XML 2.0
Mark-IT SSSQT V1.1 Triple-S to Quantum I XML 1.1
MediaResearch Sygrep I XML 1.2
Memphis Survey Explorer I  
Merlinco Merlin, Merlinplus I+E XML 2.0, XML 1.2, XML 1.1, Classic 1.1, 1.0
Microtab Inc. Microtab XP Professional I+E XML 1.2
MI Pro Research Studio / Research Analyzer I+E XML 2.0
MRDC   OnTraq I+E XML 1.1, Classic 1.1, 1.0
NEBU BV   Dub InterViewer E XML 1.1
New Age Media Systems, Inc EzTab I XML 2.0
New Mind DMS Questionnaire Builder E XML 2.0 BV/Atedge Preport 2 I+E XML 1.1
Nielsen NRG Internal only I+E XML 2.0
NIPO Software All NIPO Interview Systems E XML 2.0, XML 1.2, XML 1.1
Nunwood Nunwood-Fizz Dashboards I+E XML 2.0, XML 1.2, XML 1.1
Office Reports OfficeReports I XML 2.0
onepointglobal   I+E XML 2.0
Preferencial em tabulação STI I+E XML 2.0
Provalis Research Simstat, QDA Miner v1.3 I+E XML 1.2
Pulse Train Bellview, Pulsar I+E XML 1.1, Classic 1.1, 1.0
Q Research Software Q v4 I XML 2.0
Quask AG  Quask E XML 1.1
QPSMR Limited QPSMR I+E XML 2.0, XML 1.2, XML 1.1, Classic 1.1
Quest Software Winquest I+E XML 1.1
Rogator Rogator E XML 1.1
Senecio Software Inc. AskAnywhere 1.0.8 I+E XML 1.1
SiB srl Telmar 2000 E XML 1.1

Snap Surveys

snap I+E XML 2.0, XML 1.2, XML 1.1, Classic 1.1, 1.0
Soft Concept Ethnos Net Survey I+E XML 2.0
Sondages Pro  new LimeSurvey 2.05 and up E XML 2.0, XML 1.2
Sphinx Développement Sphinx V5 I+E XML 1.1

Square Systems

Opinion-8 V2.1 E XML 2.0 I+E XML 1.1, Classic 1.1 Ltd All core products I+E XML 2.0
TAU Systems TAU-SAP v2010 I+E XML 1.1
TESI Gandia Trans (v 5) I+E Classic 1.1
The 3rd Degree Ltd. The 3rd Degree E XML 1.2
TricTrac TricTrac I+E XML 2.0


Interviewer, StatXP Version 4.2


XML 1.1, Classic 1.1


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